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Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier Sealer

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Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier is a ready-to-use siloxane impregnator, solvent based sealer and contains special colour intensifying components. 

Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier penetrates into the surface of the stone rendering it water repellent while at the same time intensifying the colour without producing any gloss. Surfaces appear more colourful and fresh.  The water resistance reduces the sensitivity of the surface, largely preventing staining and facilitating maintenance. Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier does not form any layers, thereby maintaining the surface's water permeability.  The slip resistance of the surface is hardly affected making this especially suitable for external applications.

Durability: indoors and with correct maintenance nearly unlimited. Outdoors, depending on the type of stone, the colour will remain for approximately 1 to 2 years, the protective effect for several years. Can be reapplied when the effect fades. 

RECOMMENDED USE: For adding lustre & enhanced colour appearance to natural stone wall and floor surfaces. Recommended for sealing outdoor stone if required as it is less engineered and hence less expensive that Lithofin MN Stain-Stop.

For ultimate protection of more porous stones internally in heavy use environments, Lithofin MN Stain-Stop impregnator sealer can be used after the treatment of Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier has been completed. More information is included under the specification tab.

Product Details
Material Type Solvent Based Liquid
Size 1litre
Sold By Unit
Weight 1kg
Storage Store unopened in a cool, dry, frost free environment
Average Coverage This will depend upon the surface of the stone. Average coverage with properly applied treatments will be between 7 - 15sqm
Suitability Walls & Floors, Internal & External
Recommended Use WALL & FLOORS: any natural stone where an enhanced colour is desired | Can be used as the sole sealer on dense stones and external stones

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