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Lithofin Multi-Seal Stone Sealer

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Lithofin Multi-Seal is a water based sealer, ready to use and contains a combination of high-quality natural waxes and additives. 

Lithofin Multi-Seal forms a natural satin sheen protective film, which prevents water, dirt and oil from penetrating into the surface of the stone making it easier to maintain. Rough surfaces become scuff resistant, smoother and therefore easier to clean. Surfaces maintain their natural colour and the overall appearance of the stone is improved through a subtle satin sheen. For sealing natural stone such as limestone & sandstone (can also be used on quarry tiles, concrete stone, concrete slabs and terracotta). 

For ultimate protection in heavy use environments, Lithofin MN Stain-Stop impregnator sealer can be used first and then Lithofin Multi-Seal as a finishing treatment. 

RECOMMENDED USE: for all textured stone floors, indoors only. We recommend Lithofin Multiseal for Old York Flagstone and any other stone where a colour enhanced, subtle waxed look is desired. More information is included under the specification tab.

Product Details
Material Type Water Based Liquid
Size 1litre
Sold By Unit
Weight 1kg
Storage Store unopened in a cool, dry, frost free environment
Average Coverage This will depend upon the surface of the stone. Average coverage with 2 properly applied treatments will be between 7 - 12sqm
Suitability Floors, Internal
Recommended Use FLOORS: Old York Flagstone and any textured natural stone floor tiles and flagstone

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