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Venetian Decor Mosaic Porcelain

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A stunning patterned porcelain mosaic which can be used on walls and floors to create beautiful inlays, splashbacks or entire shower walls. Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm and contains individual 5cm x 5cm squares of mixed designs. The mosaic has a slight time-worn feel, is beautifully subtle and, being dichromatic, will fit easily into any scheme. 


Postal samples are not available for this product, please call us on 01285 885795 to arrange a video call.

PLEASE NOTE: Mosaics are sold PER SHEET so the price above (£8.39inc VAT) is for one 30cm x 30cm sheet. Just enter the total number of mosaic sheets you require into the white box labelled SQM (next to the 'Prices include VAT' box) to add correctly to your shopping cart. We have a minimum order quantity of 5 sheets on this EOL product.

Unlike tiles Mosaics are sold per sheet. Venetian Decor Porcelain Mosaic is supplied on a mesh-backed sheet measuring 30cm x 30cm which can be cut using a stanley knife. Each sheet is made up of 36number 5cm squares, 6squares high by 6squares wide. This is rectified porcelain suitable for use on walls and floors. Due to mosaic production methods, slight dimensional variation is to be expected within the mosaic sheet.

Mosaics can be a challenge to install. The mesh backing makes it hard to get even pressure when pressing into adhesive so you end up with an uneven surface and, when used against normal tiles, lipping can occur for this reason too. We recommend the use of Mosaic Mesh Tile Backer Sheets which makes mosaic installation MUCH easier. These are available from most DIY sheds.

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