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Smooth White Oiled (Code 36) Engineered Oak Clearance 19.36 sqm

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Crafted from classic grade European oak – offering more natural characteristics such as knots and subtle colour variation within and between boards – this classic wood flooring has been finished using a super-smooth brush and pure white oil to delicately emphasise its natural beauty. This oiled oak flooring is ideal for anyone looking for light wood floors to make an impact and last for years. Sold in packs of five planks, each measuring 2200mm (L) x 220mm (W) this oak engineered flooring is 20mm thick with a solid oak surface of 4mm and a ply back of 16mm.


  • 8 PACKS (19.36sqm) of Smooth White Oiled Engineered Oak 2200mm(L) x 220mm(W) x 20mm(D)
  • Free Delivery anywhere in the UK
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Additional T&C's for Oak Clearance Products:

  1. When installing oak floors it is accepted industry practise to order 10% more required for cutting wastage/damage. Our stated coverage is based on the maximum coverage possible taking this  10% into account. Remember we do not have more, so if coverage is tight please order something else
  2. Unused packs/planks cannot be returned
  3. If you choose to save even more by selecting collection then this must be made in a suitable vehicle warehouse personnel can forklift onto. Handball of products is not available
  4. Delivery / Collection is to be made within 10working days of ordering; no storage available
Product Details
Pack Size 220x2200x20/4 5 planks per pack. Pack size is 2.42sqm.
Weight 15.39kg per sqm
Pack Weight 30kg per pack
Board Thickness 20mm thick board, 16mm ply back 4mm oak top layer
Clearance Coverage All oak floors require at least 8% extra when ordering to ensure there is enough to complete taking into account cutting & wastage. It is clearly described on the product page what coverage should be achievable from the total sqm being sold. We have based this coverage on an increased 10% to err on the side of caution.
Structural Board 20mm Format This is a 20mm thick board so can be laid directly on joists using an appropriate fixing mechanism.
Grade CLASSIC GRADE: Classic Grade wood exhibits the natural variation of timber without or with much less of the more characterful features in Natural & Rustic Grade. Boards with very few knots are mixed with some that contain larger knots or checks which may be filled. The colour variation from heartwood to sapwood is to be expected but to a lesser degree.
Blending Shade and colour variation should be expected in our real timber engineered oak products. Each board will react differently to the finishing processes used and have unique characteristics such as knots and highlighted grain. Stronger tone & colour variation can occur between batches, so it is recommended you ensure you order enough for your project in one batch. As always when laying real timber flooring a good number of packs should be opened at a time and blended.
Glue-Down We recommend fixing engineered oak, where possible, with the Glue-down method. Using a high-quality adhesive will result in the most stable floor installation as the base of each board is bonded directly to the sub-floor. No underlay is needed and no gluing of the tongue and groove is required. We recommend Bona R850 flexible wood flooring adhesive though many other brands are available – speak with your installer as they will likely have a tried and tested product they can supply.
Floating Glue-down method is not appropriate for sub-floors that are damp, are mixed i.e. timber subfloor combined with concrete/screed sub-floor or have specific requirements such as acoustic deadening. With sub-floors of this type the Floating installation method will likely be proposed by your installer. The boards are not fixed to the sub-floor but instead uses the weight of the floor itself to keep them in place, usually with the use of an underlay between the sub-floor and boards. The tongue & groove would normally be glued in a floating installation. NB: Beswick stone do not provide underlay, glue or any other wood installation product.

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