If creating a streamlined indoor-to-outdoor style in your space is a pre-requisite of your design then our indoor to outdoor tile collections should certainly be considered. With uniform flooring options, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors into the comfort of your home or take the comfort of your home into the outdoors. Transitional flooring designs will open up your home and create the illusion of an elongated, unbroken, floor plan. Taking the eye, uninterrupted, from inside to outside creating the image of depth, length & loads more space. Using the same flooring inside your home as you do for your outdoor patio/terrace/entertainment space has long been used by interior designers to unify the two. This trend is growing exponentially year on year and is a trend we wholeheartedly support. Tile choice is key to the success of these schemes, too many different flooring options will make the space feel disjointed and small. To this end we present fabulous large natural stone flags and high-grade Italian porcelain in the same large tile sizes that can be used both inside and out.