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Ardex-Flexible FL Wide Joint Grout 10kg

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Market Leading Rapid Setting Flexible Tile Grout with Built-in Admix

ARDEX-FLEX FL is a rapid setting cement based grouting compound with excellent flexible and water repellent properties, without the need to add a separate admix. It is suitable for grouting joints from 3mm to 15mm wide, between porcelain, ceramic and especially natural stone. The hardened grout is weather resistant, unaffected by water and can be used for internal and external tiling in dry and wet locations, including swimming pools.  ARDEX-FLEX FL can be applied to both wall and floor tile joints. The freshly applied grout mortar can receive foot traffic after 90 minutes at 20ºC.

  • Available in 8 selected colours
  • Rapid hardening - ready for foot traffic in 90 minutes
  • No colour variation or streaking during mixing
  • For tile joints 3mm - 15mm wide
  • Water repellent and dirt resistant
  • Easy to apply and clean off the tile surface
  • Ideal for commercial and domestic installations including kitchens, showers and swimming pools
  • Suitable for floor tiling and wide joint grouting on walls
  • For internal and external applications including underfloor heating

RECOMMENDED USE: for all natural stone tiles. More information is included under the specification tab.

Product Details
Material Type Powder Cement Base Grout
Size 10kg
Sold By Unit
Weight 10kg
Storage Store unopened, clear of the ground, in a cool, dry, frost free environment.
Average Coverage This will depend upon the tile size, joint width and depth which is different for each job. General guidance: 10kg bag on natural stone tiles up to 10sqm. Coverage on wide joint porcelain will be more whilst coverage on wide joint flagstones will be less depending on joint width, 8sqm should be achievable
Suitability Floors, Walls, Internal, External
Recommended Use All natural stone floor tiles & flagstones | Any porcelain tile with joint widths of over 4mm - for joints under 4mm chose Ardex FS Grout or Rocatex Ultimate Grout

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