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From the bathroom to the kitchen to the living room, there are plenty of places you can use hexagonal tiles. For more information about hexagon tile design ideas, see this article.

Where Can You Use Hexagon Tiles?

Puzzled on where to use hex tiles for your abode? Below is a guide that lists where you can best use hexagon tiles, along with some of the top tile design ideas.

1.      Bathroom

Hex tiles, traditionally used in bathrooms, help convey elegance. Installing hexagon wall tiles allows you to unleash your creativity or go with whatever vision you have for your space. Hexagon bathroom wall tiles can also double as an art piece, especially when you use unique textures and hues.

Solid colours give off a modern look, particularly white, black, brown and grey. For a more vintage feel, choose small hexagon tiles, around 1” in size. You can also opt to only place hex tiles in certain wall areas to highlight your bathroom vanity or tub, for instance. Meanwhile, installing darker-coloured hexagon floor tiles in the bathroom with white grout is an easy way to create an interesting contrast.

2.      Kitchen

If you feel like your kitchen is due for an upgrade and want to liven up the space, hexagon tiles may just do the trick. In the kitchen, they’re commonly used as countertop splash. When you get hex tiles for your kitchen, you’re not only ensuring that you’re protecting your walls from stains, but you’re also adding style and personality to what may be an otherwise bland space.

For a bold look, install a hexagon tile backsplash with staggered edges. Staggered tiling instantly makes any room look more unique and fun. It promotes a dynamic flair that hints at your personality and creativity. A marble hexagon tile backsplash adds elegance to your kitchen. Backsplashes with vibrant-coloured tiles, on the other hand, can brighten up your cooking space and even your mood.

3. Entryway

The entryway is one of the first things that visitors take stock of when they come inside your house. Make sure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors through an eye-catching tile design. Some fun ideas include spelling out a word with hexagon tiles, such as ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’. This can replace the needed formats, and it grabs people’s attention at the same time. You can also opt to install a floor mosaic consisting of hexagon patterns in black and white colours for a chic style.  

4. Living room

Enhance the look of your living space with hex tiles, and easily establish the mood you want. If you prefer a rustic look, hexagon floor tiles that resemble wood are a fantastic option. So are patchwork mosaic tiles in beige, cream and other neutral colours. If you’re going for a more contemporary style, select large wall tiles in solid, monochromatic colours. Using different shades will add more depth and character to your chosen tile design.

Meanwhile, those with an open floor plan can benefit from having living room tiles that are similar to the tiles in their kitchen. This creates a design that feels unified and consistent with each other. There are two ways to do this. First, you can simply extend your kitchen floor tiles to your living room. A second option is to match the wall tiles in your kitchen with the floor tiles in your living room.

5. Office

Your office is not merely a place where you do your work. More than that, it serves as a sanctuary where you can formulate new ideas and get inspiration.

Make it easy for you to get inspired by turning your office into an exciting place to work in. Consider 3D wall tile installations for some texture. Lay tiles with some of them slightly sticking out to give your eyes a visual feast while you work. You can also combine hex tiles and hardwood flooring for a more impactful design. Just remember that the different flooring materials should complement each other well.

6. Bedroom

Last but not the least, you can design your bedroom with hexagon tiles as well. To add dimension to your room and create a unique focal point, consider installing a hex tile accent wall. Accent walls are an easy way to make a statement. Pick your favourite colour or pattern for the tiles, and then incorporate it into your accent wall.

  • Jan 12, 2022
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