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Rocatex C-10 Water Based Ultimate Sealer

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Rocatex C-10 Ultimate Sealar is a high performance VOC free water-based impregnating sealer designed using the very latest technology in fluorochemistry. This versatile and easy to apply penetrating and invisible sealer provides a durable, non-film forming protective barrier on porous acid sensitive surfaces including limestone, sandstone, marble & travertine plus grout joints, paving, concrete and render. ROCATEX C-10 Ultimate Sealer allows the surface to breathe and provides excellent oil, grease and water repellency, stain resistance and ease of cleaning. Being water based, C-10 Ultimate Sealer will not darken the stone so is ideal for those projects using pale coloured stones or where retaining the raw colour of the stone is desired. 

  • For all natural stone
  • Also for grout / paving/ concrete / render
  • Excellent stain and dirt protection
  • Fights against mould and limescale
  • Easy application
  • Invisible finish - does not alter stone / grout colour
  • Highly repellent long lasting protection
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Residential & commercial

Rocatex C-10 Ultimate Sealer provides an invisible, durable, protective barrier against stains, dirt, mould and limescale. Suitable for all polished and unpolished natural stone, grout joints, paving, concrete and render

RECOMMENDED USE: for all natural stone especially when installed on limecrete screeds and/or with hydraulic lime. More information is included under the specification tab.

Product Details
Material Type Water Based Liquid Impregnator
Size 1litre & 5litre
Sold By Unit
Weight 1kg & 5kg
Storage Store unopened in a cool, dry, frost free environment
Average Coverage This will depend upon the geology of the stone. Average coverage with 2 properly applied treatments will be between 7.5 - 15sqm
Suitability Walls, Floors, Internal, External
Recommended Use WALLS: All natural stone wall tiles | FLOORS: All natural stone floor tiles and flagstones especially on limecrete substrates

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