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Avignon Indoor Outdoor Limestone

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ORDER up to 4 samples for free (normally £3 each). Free samples are not available for some small & decorative tiles.


Our Avignon range of flagstone flooring is immensely popular due to its English vernacular, hard-wearing character and great price. Here we present Avignon soft tumbled limestone in the same sized flags for use indoors to out. The traditional mixed length format, sold in fabulous 60cm wide flags, creates that much desired uninterrupted flow from inside the home to the outside space. The internal flagstone is usually held in both 15mm and 20mm thicknesses. It is finished with a gentle, time-worn edge that is both alluring and sypathetic to this beautiful natural stone. The surface of the flags is primarily smooth with areas of slight texture, further enhancing the subtle aged look of this flagstone flooring.

The external format is finished with the same gently aged edge and comes in a dedicated 30mm thick flag. The surface of the stone is etched to give this external tile a higher-grip, however the visual aesthetic is unaffected by this process. Our Avignon step tread is also finished with this same higher-grip surface and one 100cm side is fully bullnosed.

Avignon flagstone is a beautiful pale costwold coloured limestone with abundant creamy sand tones highlighted by delightful mushroom coloured fossil details, quartz and mineral deposits. It is a very dense stone making it highly suitable for even the busiest family homes or commercial projects.

PRICES* ARE PER SQM EXCLUDING DELIVERY. We operate a minimum order quantity of 5sqm on all stone products.

*PLEASE NOTE: STEP TREADS are sold PER STEP so the price above (£39.00+VAT) is for one 100cm x 35cm tread and NOT per sqm. Just enter the total number of steps you require into the white Order by SQM box to add correctly to your shopping cart.

Postal samples ARE NOT available for our 5cm thick step treads, the colour and finish is identical to the external flagstone.



Product Details
Material Limestone
Internal Finish Gently aged edges & smooth surface with occasional light texture
External Finish Gently aged edges & etched, high-grip surface.
Weight 15mm: 42kg per sqm | 20mm: 55kg per sqm | 30mm: 85kg per sqm | Step Tread: 50kg per step
Random Lengths This stone is sold in the random length format which means the width is consistent but the lengths are different creating a dynamic brick-bond effect.
Step Tread Unlike flagstones, Step Treads are sold per piece. Avignon step tread is 100cm long with one length finished in a bullnose (rounded) edge, the step is 35cm deep (front to back) and 5cm thick. Our step treads can be used internally and externally and are often used as coping stones too. The surface finish is the same as the external flagstone i.e. high-grip external grade surface
Suitability INTERNAL 60cm x Random Lengths x 1.5/2.0cm FORMAT: Indoor, Floors. | EXTERNAL 60cm x Random Lengths x 3.0cm FORMAT: Outdoor, Floors. | Step Tread: Indoors & Outdoors
Indoor Installation Points These large format natural stone tiles should be installed with a good quality S1 grade WHITE flexible adhesive and a wide joint grout (we offer Rocatex Ultimate & Ardex FL grout). Decoupling mat is recommended for all heated-floors and/or timber sub-floors. Adhesive specification for timber sub-floors must be a good quality S2 grade WHITE adhesive. This stone must be sealed with either a good quality solvent based or water based sealer (we offer Lithofin MN Stainstop, Rocatex Natural Finish & Rocatex C-10 Water Based sealers).
External Installation Points This is a 30mm thick flag so can be laid directly onto an MOT type 1 external base or similar or onto a concrete/screed base. If installing onto MOT then a wet sand & cement mortar mix must be used with the addition of SBR. NB: white Portland cement must be used in place of standard grey cement. If installing onto concrete/screed a good quality external grade white tile adhesive can be used.
Popular Grout Colours Ardex FL: Classic Vanilla - Floating Driftwood
Recommended Sealer Rocatex Natural Finish Sealer or Lithofin MN Stain Stop
Recommended Adhesive EXISTING/NEW SCREED WITH*/WITHOUT UNDERFLOOR HEATING: Single Part Rapid Set S1 Flexible White Adhesive 20kg | ALL TIMBER SUBSTRATES WITH*/WITHOUT UNDERFLOOR HEATING: Single Part Rapid Set S2 Highly Flexible White Adhesive 20kg *when used with an appropriate decoupling membrane.

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